Our areas of practice



We defend and prosecute civil cases for corporate and individual clients; the bulk being from insurance companies.

We have handled several bank cases on behalf of individuals both through court and mediation.

+ Intellectual property- copyright infringement.

+ Family matters through either court or mediation.

+ Insurance recoveries and debt collection.

+ Land and environment law cases.

+ Labour Relations disputes



We are very keen on this area of resolving issues and we advise our clients on the best and easier way of resolving business/commercial disputes that does not lead to heavy financial losses, damaged relationship, and disruption of business.

We have done specialized areas of mediation including mediation for insurance claims. We have a certified mediator in our team who is also a mediator trainer. We also run the Mediator Kenya blog that has attracted keen followers.

The Mediator Kenya Blog>>




Apart from litigation, we have done registration of trademarks, drafting copyright licensing and assignment.






We handle litigation arising from labor disputes. We are engaged in training companies/institutions on workplace mediation and self-mediation to assist staff handle conflicts without allowing them to blow up into acrimonious litigation.



Corporate Law & Conveyancing


Incorporation of new business/companies

Conducting legal due diligence on companies or on existing firms and laws, preparing securities like mortgages, debentures, and other lien instruments.

Searches and registration of business names.

Investment agreements, shareholder agreements, and joint ventures.

Advice on foreign investor requirements and related issues.




We work together with clients on identifying legal problem-prone areas and we examine the systems and circumstances that can ameliorate the problem.

We provide an advance well researched legal opinion on given situations so that a client can make an informed choice. We also do a “postmortem” of some cases so as to handle any future similar situation better.

We assist in breaking down complicated cases into manageable issues which can be addressed differently, the bits that can be settled amicably and those that require litigation.



With regard to Land transactions, we partner with surveyors and in serious cases, investigators in order to avoid deals that turn questionable.





Advising on permit requirements and assisting in processing. This is mainly for foreign clients and families.



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